5th International Conference on Islamic Business - ICIB 2018

February 27 – 28, 2018, inshaaAllah

The Riphah Centre of Islamic Business (RCIB) of the Riphah International University, Islamabad is pleased to announce the 5th International Conferences on Islamic Business (ICIB) scheduled to be held in last week of February, 2018. In the wake of:

·   Persistent crises in the global economy and finance;

·   Widening gap between the rich and the poor,

·   Failure of economics and finance theories as currently applied,

·   Functioning of the Islamic finance institutions,  and

·   World Bank’s reinforced emphasis on Corporate Governance;

The Conference theme has been selected as:

Governance, Ethics and Faith:

Towards a New Paradigm of Economics, Management and Finance

Main Areas for Academic Papers and Case Studies:

  1. Economics for human-centered development and welfare for all;
  2. Role of faith and ethics in reducing gaps between intended governance reforms and the reality on the ground;
  3. Finance Institutions for Social inclusion and Welfare of the societies
  4. Responsible Investing and Financing for Achieving SDG 10
  5. Improving the governance of business and finance institutions
  6. Role of Shariah Advisors / Boards in builds trust and confidence in Islamic banking industry and achieving the objectives
  7.  Legal and regulatory framework for effective corporate governance of Finance Institutions
  8. Towards a new protocol of Money and Credit Creation for Stability and Justice among stakeholders
  9. Principles of Islamic Finance and the Law of Nature for betterment of Human Societies
  10. Promoting risk-return based Innovative Islamic financing

11)  Role of multilateral structural institutions in standardization of Islamic banking and finance products;